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TCM "Summer Under The Stars" 2013 Blogathon Participant

Classic Film Watch is participating in a blogathon with photos and reviews of movies being shown on TCM during the network's "Summer Under The Stars" series in August. The series lasts all month with the network featuring one star's most important and popular films each day of the month.

This blogathon is hosted by bloggers Michael Nazarewycz (Scribehard on Film) and Jill Blake (Sittin' on a Backyard Fence). This is a big event in the world of blogging. Last year, around 60 bloggers participated in the blogathon and reviewed around 175 classic films.

The blogathon is a great way to find out more about a movie you haven't seen or read other opinions of your favorite movies. Some blogs have accompanying photos. For a complete listing of the movies being shown this year, along with the dates and times, and links to blogs, go to:




Classic Film Watch is reviewing: The Maltese Falcon and In A Lonely Place, both of the film noir genre and starring Humphrey Bogart, shown on Aug. 1; Romance on the High Seas and Lullaby of Broadway, both Doris Day musicals, shown on Aug. 2; Mata Hari, starring Ramon Novarro and Greta Garbo, a pre-code espionage drama, shown on Aug. 8; and Possessed, starring Clark Gable and Joan Crawford, a racy, 1931 pre-code film, shown on Aug. 25. Photos and trivia are included in the blogs. Click the links below to read the blogs for these movies and actors/actresses.

The Maltese Falcon

In A Lonely Place

Romance On The High Seas

Lullaby of Broadway

Ramon Novarro: Mata Hari

Clark Gable: Possessed






TCM Summer Under The Stars Blogathon