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About This Site

Classic Film Watch explores a wide variety of topics geared to those interested in all the genres of classic movies. This website will "watch" for and report news about classic film festivals, events, screenings, DVD releases and more. There will be features about movie palaces, classic film reviews, book reviews and star biographies. This is not a commercial enterprise and it exists solely for the entertainment and enjoyment of classic film fans.

About the Editor

Mary McCord is the editor and reviewer for this website. She has been a classic film fan since childhood, watching them on TV before the term “classic film” was coined. When she was in her twenties, she moved to a city that had an old-fashioned, elegant movie palace where she spent many Saturday afternoons watching the great films of yesteryear. Today, she still attends films at movie palaces. She also watches classic films on TV and attends festivals. She has attended the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood for the past six years and four of the TCM Classic Film Cruises.

Her other qualifications are a degree in journalism. She has written news, features and columns for newspapers and articles for magazines. She has also edited books. Mary owned a small advertising/public relations agency, working as a copywriter and graphic designer for many years. She has experience in training development, specializing in eLearning and building/maintaining websites.

For more info, read: How I Came to Love Old Movies

Mary McCord
Mary McCord, Editor, Classic Film Watch
Pictured in front of the El Capitan,
An old movie palace on Hollywood Boulevard.